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That's Twice I've Laughed My Socks Off book coverThat’s Twice I’ve Laughed My Socks off

This big book of illustrated children’s poetry contains over 50 pages of pictures and poems that will have kids and their parents giggling like crazy. A fantastic world of characters and easy-to-read poetry with over 50 colourful illustrations written to encourage kids of all ages to find enjoyment in poetry. Read about Eric the weary bee, the fish that couldn’t climb trees, sarcastic squirrels, discover what to do if you find a crocodile in your lunch-box, why a worm refused to wiggle, and many more amusing tales.

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Once, I Laughed My Socks Off, Poems for kids from coverOnce I Laughed My Socks off

This delightful children’s poetry book contains a collection of fun and imaginative poems for fun and imaginative kids (and those adults that still behave like kids). Learn why you should tidy up after yourself, why midnight snacking is not such a good idea, and what to do if you laugh so hard that your socks come off! This book of funny children’s poems contains a host of interesting stories and characters for your kids to enjoy. Each story more fun that the last. The poems are written to encourage reluctant young readers to find enjoyment in poetry, and the wonder of words. Amongst the stories you’ll find Melvin the midnight-snacking, sneaking teddy bear who can’t wait to get his hands on the rest of the jam. Two collared doves, Ebb and Flo, who narrowly escape a run-in with the cat and fall in love. My socks (which won’t stop dancing around). And Desmond, your friendly, but slightly present-obsessed Christmas fairy.

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