About Steve Attewell

Picture of Steve Attewell, Children's poetry author

I write poems for kids.

A few years go I got the itch to write a children’s poem. I thought; “What an odd saying ‘I laughed my socks off’ is. I wonder what my socks would get up to if I really did laugh them off.”

I liked that poem so I wrote another one about a bee. Then, over time, I wrote a few more. And suddenly I had enough poems for a small book. So I published my first small book and wondered if anyone might read it.

To my surprise, children from all over the world started buying my book to read at home for fun. Then I learned that teachers were using my book to teach poetry in schools.

Well, you can imagine how happy I was about that. So I wrote another book.

My first published book of amusing poetry for kids is “Once, I Laughed My Socks Off”. Just Google it, you’ll find all sorts of places to buy the paperback or the digital version.

My second book is called “That’s Twice I’ve Laughed My Socks Off”.

Then I thought people might like some poetry videos on YouTube and an audiobook that contains all the poems in my first two books.

You can see what people think of my poems on Goodreads.

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