Funny children’s poetry ebook available at Smashwords

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Once, I Laughed My Socks Off – Poems for Kids is now available through for download to various electronic platforms.

You can download an excerpt, or buy this children’s poetry ebook from Smashwords here

What is Smashwords?

Publishing books to Smashwords makes them available to all manner of digital platforms, such as the Apple iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and the Amazon Kindle and Sony eReaders. Smashwords also distribute their eBooks to various on-line stores. As a self-published author I took this route in order to gain distribution exposure for the book after hearing good reports.

Other authors should be aware that when publishing through Smashwords extended distribution channel, it can take a couple of months before you start to see whether your book is selling through these channels due to the delayed nature of sales reporting coming from, say, the Apple iBook store, through Smashwords, and then to you.

I’ve also been experiencing delays (as other authors have) in getting the book published into the Apple iBook store. Reading around the experience of others it can take anywhere from a few days, to a few months before Apple to first approve your work. This is contrary to the “about 2 weeks” information given to you from Smashwords. It’s been one month now and still no sign of the book appearing in the iBooks store. I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed, eh?

Check the top of this page to see other stores and platforms where Once, I Laughed My Socks Off is available.

Published by Steve Attewell

Steve Attewell was born in the sleepy village of Fair Oak in the south of England in the peak of the long, hot summer of 1975. He thinks this might be why he doesn't like the cold very much. His first published book of amusing poetry for kids is "Once, I Laughed My Socks Off".