Printed book coming to the USA soon with bonus poems

In about 6 weeks I hope to have released the very tactile, very real, printed version of my short children’s poetry book, Once I Laughed My Socks Off, to the USA Amazon store. So far my children’s poetry book has only existed in electronic form (as a Kindle eBook) and I’m waiting for proofs to arrive from the USA in order to check them over before publication. It’s an exciting time. I hope they arrive soon!

In addition to the poems released in the Kindle version of the book, the paperback version of Once I Laughed My Socks Off will have two bonus poems:

Ebb and Flo – A story in poem-form describing two doves, how they become the best of friends, and defeat the curious cat that frequents their favourite garden.

Trees are good – Well, they are, are they not? Useful for all sorts of things (not least the production of vital, life-giving oxygen) trees deserve a celebratory poem don’t you think?

You can buy the electronic version now

The book is available in electronic form on the Amazon Kindle store in both the USA and the United Kingdom. Plans are afoot for both the release of the paperback version to the USA Amazon store, and then the availability of the electronic version of the book on a wider platform that just the Kindle Store.


Published by Steve Attewell

Steve Attewell was born in the sleepy village of Fair Oak in the south of England in the peak of the long, hot summer of 1975. He thinks this might be why he doesn't like the cold very much. His first published book of amusing poetry for kids is "Once, I Laughed My Socks Off".